New Demonstration Cannon Arrives at the Alamo

Demonstration cannon in living history encampment

On November 7, 2019 the Alamo added a new demonstration cannon to the Living History Encampment. Made by Gillmor Ordnance, the cannon fires 6-pound ammunition, weighs 2,100 pounds, and is made of bronze.

Historically, cannons have been made of brass, bronze or iron. It joins two other bronze cannons, both 4-pounders, and the Alamo’s Living Historians have been studying bronze maintenance to keep this shiny new artillery-piece as pristine as San Antonio weather will allow.

Unloading of demonstration cannon

“After spending a great deal of time researching cannons for purchase, we decided that it was best to have a cannon made to fit exactly what we needed,” Alamo Director of Living History Angela Wolfgram said. “In our research, we came across Gillmor Ordnance. Bob Gillmor has made cannons for folks all over the country and makes his cannons with historical processes in mind. His cannons are certified to be fired, which allows us to use this new cannon for future interpretive programming.”

The new cannon is a welcome addition to Living History’s interpretive programming, as they discuss artillery of the 1836 battle with visitors every day in the Living History Encampment. The cannon will serve as the centerpiece of cannon drills and will allow visitors to learn about the jobs of the cannon crew as well as see the many stepped process to load and fire a cannon.