Planning Your Visit

Visiting the inside of the Alamo Church requires a free timed-ticket reservation. Due to ongoing preservation, Church entry is timed and limited.

Capacity is limited and tickets may be subject to selling out. Please try to book your tickets in advance. Reservations should be made under the visitor’s name and email to ensure a quick and easy check-in process. If you would like to visit the Alamo but do not want to go inside the Church, the general Alamo grounds are free and open to the public without a ticket.

How to Book Tickets

​​​​​​1. Go to and click on the Visit tab.
2. Click on Tours and Experiences
3. Select any of the following options to book your visit:

4. Purchase optional Audio Tours and get access to the Alamo’s Exhibit! You can also purchase Exhibit Entry only for $5/person.

  • Price $9 per device. Military discounts available with valid Military ID.
  • All adults (ages 18 and up) are required to purchase a device for entry into the Exhibit.

5. Purchase a Guided Tour.

  • This 1-hour tour is led by an Alamo Tour Guide through the Alamo’s battlefield, historic Church, and concludes in the Alamo’s Exhibit.
  • Price is $40 per adult (ages 12 and up) and $30 per child (ages 5–11). Military discounts available with valid Military ID. Children ages 0–4 are free.

Upon reservation completion, the tickets will be emails to the visitor with a digital QR code to be used upon arrival.

Helpful Tips

  • Visitors with ticket reservations can go directly to the designated entry point indicated on their ticket. Audio Tour reservations may be picked up at the Welcome Center located in Alamo Plaza. Groups that miss their entry time by more than 15 minutes will need to reserve new tickets at the Welcome Center, subject to availability.
  • Cancellations cannot be refunded 24 hours before the time of the tour. If you have any questions, please call the Alamo’s Tour Program Coordinator at 210–225–1391 x3005 or email