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The Alamo is excited to announce the 1836 Battle Cannon Replica Project, which will see working cannon replicas added to the site. These high-quality, historically-accurate replicas will be placed in the vicinity of the Alamo’s Main Gate and Palisade, where the historical record tells us they likely were during the 1836 battle. This project is just beginning and is set for completion in 2021, but first two replicas of iron 4-pounder cannons will arrive at the Alamo this month. Join us for an interactive conversation via Zoom with cannon experts for an inside look at this exciting project. Panelists include: • Jim Jobling – Conservation Research Lab, Texas A&M University • Kolby Lanham, Alamo History Researcher • Kristi Nichols, Alamo Director of Archaeology, Collections, and Historical Research • Ernest Rodriguez, Alamo Curator • Pam Rosser, Alamo Conservator

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September 30
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