We Need Your Help!

The Commemoration of the Battle of the Alamo events would not be possible without our volunteers! If you'd like to join us and volunteer, please complete and submit the form below to register. Registration is due by Monday, February 14. A staff member will contact you regarding next steps after your registration form has been received. ALL participants MUST be registered. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! NO WALK-ON participants. 

Participants 16 years and younger are not allowed to fire a weapon on the Alamo grounds. Participants 15 years and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.

The Dawn at the Alamo Ceremony Firing Demonstration has a limited number of spots so we might not be able to accommodate all who are interested.

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For Living History Volunteers:

Weapons, shooting bags, and cartridge boxes will be inspected on the Alamo grounds. 

No percussion cap muskets will be allowed. Only black powder provided by Alamo staff will be allowed on Alamo grounds.  

If there is a firing demonstration taking place on Alamo grounds, all participants are to follow weapon protocols outlined in the Alamo Living History Manual. All participants MUST know the 12-step loading and firing of a black powder musket.