Human Bone Fragments Encountered During Alamo Archaeology

October 11, 2019


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Archaeological investigations to locate the foundation of the Alamo Church and Long Barrack have led to the discovery of scattered human bone fragments. Today, the Alamo Mission Archaeology Advisory Committee (AMAAC) released the following statement:

“The Alamo Mission Archaeology Advisory Committee has been notified of the discovery of human bone fragments found within an archaeological excavation unit inside the Alamo Church and Long Barrack. The excavation showed that the area had been previously disturbed as a result of sewer utility installation and former construction. Based on all current information, the Committee has decided that archaeological investigations will proceed in order to obtain a better idea of what was occurring in these areas of the Church and Long Barrack, in addition to determining if these fragments are the only remains in these excavation units. The ultimate goal of the process is to protect the invaluable history and heritage of any and all people interred in the Church.”

Following established protocols, the on-site tribal monitor was present during excavations and oversaw the respectful covering of the remains. The human remains protocols established by the Alamo Mission Archaeology Advisory Committee will guide the archaeology team to ensure full protection of the recent discovery.

The Alamo Trust and its partners will continue to collaborate with the Alamo Missions Archaeology Advisory Committee to ensure that such discoveries are treated in a respectful and dignified manner. In addition, all governing offices, including the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, the Texas Historical Commission Archaeology Division, the Texas General Land Office and our designated archaeologists, and the AMAAC have been notified of the discovery.

The community will be updated as more information regarding the remains is discovered.

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