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Crockett Vest

Scope of Collection

The Alamo's collection reflects the site's 300-year-long history. Nevertheless, emphasis is placed on the Alamo's garrison and other personnel as well as its role in the Texas Revolution. Of most interest are objects from the Battle of the Alamo, objects belonging to the Alamo Defenders, objects from the Texas Revolution that provide context for the battle, objects not from the battle but representative of the period, and durable or expendable artifacts or historical reproductions for use in educational programming.

Collection Classifications

The Alamo has two classifications for objects in its collection: permanent and education. The permanent collection is defined as those objects of a historical nature meeting the scope of the collection. Objects in the permanent collection require conservation and are interpreted and exhibited to demonstrate aspects of the Alamo's 300-year history.

The education collection also is used to interpret the Alamo's 300 year history, however, its objects do not have to be historical in nature and do not require a high degree of conservation based on museum standards. While the permanent collection includes objects used in traditional enclosed museum exhibits, objects in the education collection consist of artifacts, reproductions, replicas, facsimiles and other printed material that are intended to be touched and handled by the staff and public in educational programs.