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Myths & Pop Culture

Martyrs of the AlamoAs an icon of freedom, the Alamo is deep in the heart of not only Texans, but individuals worldwide.

Since the first poems and songs about the Alamo appeared shortly after the battle, the Alamo – and the themes it represents – has been the source of inspiration for many works of art.  Music has been a powerful way to express the emotions surrounding the history of the battle. Learn More

When the first movie about the Alamo screened after the turn of the 20th century, a whole new medium was open to the timeless themes of freedom versus tyranny, self-sacrifice and courage in the face of overwhelming odds.  Movies have proven to be the form of communication that has spread the story of the Alamo worldwide.  Learn More

While the silver screen has made the Alamo into a global phenomenon, it has also created a wealth of misunderstanding and fallacies about the 1836 battle and its causes.  Many of the current myths surrounding the Alamo story found their root in inaccurate Hollywood movies. Learn More