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Living History

The Alamo  Education Department offers a certification program for individual living historians wishing to participate in living history events on the Alamo grounds. The certification allows volunteers to attend invitation-only on-site events and makes them eligible for after-hours events.

Volunteer living historians who apply for certification at the Alamo must attend a orientation program conducted by members of the Alamo Education Department. The purpose of the program is five-fold:

• Orient volunteer living historians to the site;
• Familiarize volunteer living historians with the Alamo's philosophical approach to living history;
• Define expectation for volunteer living historians;
• Discuss guidelines relating to participation by volunteer living historians;
• Define volunteer living historians' responsibility while at the Alamo.

We believe that providing such training to those who wish to participate in living history events at the Alamo enhances our program by making volunteers more familiar with the site as well as our expectations and needs.

For more information, please contact Dr. Bruce Winders, Historian and Curator.