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For Students

Fostering a love of history is a vital component to telling the story of the Alamo.  Alamo education department staff have created several programs to encourage young visitors to learn more about history and the Alamo.

Alamo Young Couriers
During the Siege and  Battle of the Alamo, several brave couriers broke through the Mexican lines to convey the plight of the defenders to the rest of Texas.  These Alamo Couriers stand for bravery and dedication in the face of overwhelming challenges.  To honor their memory, the Alamo Young Courier Program is an activity-based learning program that encourages the study of the Alamo and Texas history.  The Alamo Young Courier educational activity booklet is geared towards kids ages 5 to 10.  Inside the booklet are 20 pages of fun and educational activities related to history.  Students will find everything from a crossword puzzle to a math worksheet in which they must calculate how many shots a soldier can shoot with his musket.

The booklet is available for sale in the Alamo Gift Shop and includes the cost of a beautiful, 3D Alamo Courier Pin to be awarded upon completion.   After completing the age-appropriate pages of the booklet – and with parents permission – kids can ask any Alamo Tour Guide or the Shrine Hostess for their official Alamo Courier pin.  The tour guide or Shrine Hostess will also sign the certificate on the back of the booklet, confirming a job well done!

Parents, grandparents and teachers can purchase the booklets to take home or to school.

Alamo Patch Program
The Alamo Patch Program is available to scout groups and others who wish to show their love of history by proudly wearing the Alamo Patch.  To achieve the Patch, participants must complete a series of history-related tasks.  Upon completion, they are eligible to purchase the Alamo Patch in the Gift Shop.  The Alamo Patch Program outline is available for download as a PDF.

Alamo Scale Model
One of the best ways students can learn about the Alamo is to build a scale model of the original, historic Alamo as it existed at the time of the 1836 battle. Many maps and plats of the Alamo exist but discrepancies among them pose a problem for anyone who wants to build a diorama or model of the Alamo. The Alamo compound has seen many uses during its history and its structures have been altered repeatedly.   Although it is impossible to determine the exact measurements of the buildings of the Alamo during the 1836 siege, the dimensions included in our Alamo Scale Model packet are a close approximation of the Alamo compound at the time of the siege and battle.