Open Records

The  Texas Public Information Act  (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552) entitles each person to complete information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees, unless otherwise expressly provided by law. Alamo Trust, Inc. is committed to providing customer-friendly service when responding to requests for public information.   

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Make a Request

A request for public information from Alamo Trust, Inc. should be directed to:


By Mail

Christina Robertson

Chief of Staff, Alamo Trust, Inc.

321 Alamo Plaza, Ste. 200

San Antonio, TX 78205


By e-mail

Subject line should read: TPIA

Email requests should not include attachments to avoid delay. Emails with attachments may be blocked by the Microsoft Exchange Server.


Hand Delivery

Jessica Gonzales

Executive Assistant to the CEO, Alamo Trust, Inc.

321 Alamo Plaza, Ste. 200

San Antonio, TX 78205


Please direct questions to Jessica Gonzales at (210) 225-1391.



Date of Request Information Requested Requestor Name Requestor Organization Date Fulfilled Information Provided
March 2018 Copies of financial records and statements for year ending 2017; Audit report for year ending 2017 Samuel Alcoreza N/A April 2018
June 2018 Any power point presentations related to the Alamo Plan that have been produced in the past two years Jaie Avila WOAI July 2018

July 2018 Copy of the feasibility study and cost assessment done regarding the relocation of the Alamo Cenotaph Keri Hillyer This Is Texas Freedom Force July 2018

July 2018 A copy of requestor's personnel file from his employment with the Alamo Trust, Inc. Joseph Gardner N/A August 2018